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SOLD Institute


  • Event Planning Track

    • Session 1: Leading with Ideation

      • Are you stuck doing the same programs everyone else is doing? Dont know how to create a spark and run with a new idea? Come to this session to learn how to use ideation to create innovative ideas and lead your organization. 

    • Session 2: OK Members Now Let's Get in Formation: Planning For Your Large Event

      • Get set for an exciting event planning journey! Learn to reserve spaces, collaborate with CRES, master committee management, accountability, and timelines, and unlock the magic of crafting dazzling marketing plans. Join us in this thrilling session and become an event planning wizard! 

    • Session 3: Execution and Recap of the event

      • Join our conference session to gain valuable insights on event execution and recap. In this session, attendees will discover the art of meticulous day-of logistics planning, uncover the best practices for effective stakeholder communication, and master the art of conducting a comprehensive event recap. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your event management skills and leave with a toolkit for executing and summarizing successful events.

  • Funding Track

    • Session 1: Find your way through Funding TypesFind your way through Funding Types

      • Explore the diverse landscape of funding opportunities available to student organizations in our conference session. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of various funding types and the essential rules that govern them, empowering them to navigate the financial aspects of student group management effectively. Join us to unlock the knowledge you need to secure funding for your organization and ensure its success.

    • Session 2: 877-Cash Now: Filling out a grant and requesting operational funding 

      • Join our conference session for an in-depth exploration of event grant applications and the essential rules for success. Our expert presenters will guide you through a comprehensive step-by-step process, ensuring you have all the tools necessary to secure event funding successfully on your first attempt. Additionally, we'll share invaluable insights into the common reasons why grants are accepted or rejected, arming you with the knowledge to maximize your chances of securing the funding you need for your next event. Don't miss this opportunity to become a grant application pro!

    • Session 3: The Fun in Finding the Funds:Fundraising for your Organization

      • In this dynamic conference session, participants will delve into the world of fundraising tactics. Discover the diverse array of on-campus and off-campus fundraising options and the critical rules governing them, enabling you to choose the most effective strategies for your organization. Additionally, harness the power of your alumni network as we teach you how to effectively engage and secure donations from this valuable resource. Join us to master the art of fundraising and propel your organization toward financial success.

  • Leading Your Organization Track

    • Session 1: Beyond the Welcome Mat: Innovative Recruitment & Retention Tactics

      • Join our dynamic conference session to unlock the secrets of recruiting and retaining student organization members. In this enlightening session, you'll discover the art of organization branding, ensuring that your group's identity stands out and attracts eager participants. Learn how to effectively demonstrate the value of your organization, compelling potential members to join, while also gaining invaluable insights into boosting morale and cultivating a sense of belonging to retain members for the long haul. Don't miss this opportunity to supercharge your student organization's growth and engagement.

    • Session 2: All Rise: How to Plan and Lead an Effective Meeting(SGA/GPSG)

      • Unlock the secrets of effective meeting leadership in our conference session. Participants will gain essential skills such as crafting comprehensive agendas that drive productive discussions, mastering Robert's Rules of Order for orderly proceedings, and infusing formality and enjoyment into meetings to enhance engagement and outcomes. Join us to become a confident and skilled meeting leader, ensuring your gatherings are both structured and enjoyable.

    • Session 3: Conflict Chronicles:Handling Conflict with Finesse

      • Join our conference session to sharpen your conflict resolution skills within your organization. Delve into the intricacies of identifying various conflict personalities, allowing you to pinpoint the root causes of discord more effectively. You'll also explore a range of conflict resolution techniques, arming yourself with valuable tools to foster harmony, collaboration, and productivity in your team or organization. Don't miss this opportunity to become a master of conflict management.

    • Session 4: From Puzzles to Protocols: Legal Support for Student Success

      • Empower your student organization with essential legal knowledge at our conference session. Learn the intricacies of risk management to protect your organization's interests, navigate the complexities of contracts to ensure your agreements are airtight, and explore the practicalities of off-campus bank accounts to manage your finances securely. Join us to safeguard your organization and make informed decisions that will contribute to its success and longevity.