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Off-Campus Event Funding

Off-Campus Events are permitted when there is no appropriate venue on campus for the nature of the event and is in line with the mission of that particular student organization. Off-Campus events must utilize the closet possible facility to hold their event. This must be demonstrated through any one of various online map or route generating services showing the route from the University to the address of the event must be submitted with each off-campus event grant before it is even considered for funding by the Committee. Student Organizations are only eligible for two off campus events per semester, and each grant may not exceed $700.00 per request.

Before Applying


We strongly recommend submitting the application 4 or more weeks out from the event date so that you can re-apply if changes are needed.  All deadlines are on Fridays, and applications must be submitted by 11:59 PM on the deadline. The 2023-24 Event Grant Timeline can be found here.

Printed Materials Disclaimer

All printed and digital promotional materials for the event must include the following disclaimer.  See below for a link to an image that can used for your printed and digital materials.

"Funded in part by the Student Government Association with your student activity fees. SGA and SAFC do not necessarily endorse the beliefs or actions of this organization."

For Print and Digital Advertising:

SAFC-SGA Disclaimer Logo - Vector

Event Grant Application

Complete and submit your application on NinerEngage.  Be prepared with all required information and documentation explained below in the Financial Procedures Act.

2023-24 Off-Campus Event Grant

Event Grant Evaluation

After the funded event is over, a member of the organization must complete and submit an evaluation of the event within 20 business days of the date of the event. Failure to submit an evaluation form will result in suspended funding. 

Off-Campus Event Evaluation



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A full list of the policies for event grants (Financial Procedures Act) can be found here.  You must fully review this document prior to submitting an event grant application.