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Student Organization Advisor Training

All student organization advisors are encouraged to join Student Involvement staff for a Student Organization Advisor Training and Q&A session.  This training will provide information and resources that will help you be successful in providing effective guidance to the student organization(s) that you support.  It will also be an opportunity to ask our staff questions specific to your advising needs and goals, and swap best practices with fellow advisors.


Presentation Slides from 2023-2024 Advisor Training

Please email with questions regarding advisor training.

General Information About Student Organization Advisors

Advisors are critical to the success of a student organization. An active and involved advisor can help shape a student leader and the course of a student organization. This is mutually beneficial for both the students and the advisor. Some benefits include:

  • Engaging outside of the classroom
  • Sharing common interests
  • Continuity of the group as members leave/graduate
  • Encouragement, support, and guidance to help students make decisions

All student organizations are encouraged to have an on-campus faculty/staff advisor.  To help better understand your role and responsibility as a student organization advisor, please download and read the following:

Advisor/Officer Conversation Guide


Additionally, the Student Organizations Handbook is an excellent resource for advisors.  The Student Organizations team is also here to help.  Please contact us if you have questions, need clarification, or want more information about student organization advising. 

Thank you for taking the time to invest in our students as a student organization advisor. We appreciate your efforts.