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Event Planning

Start with a detailed event and risk management CHECKLIST:

Download an Event Planning Checklist and Risk Management Checklist to help with your organization's next event.

Is your event ACCESSIBLE to ALL students?

Review the Accessibility Checklist to help your organization plan ahead in regards to inclusion of individuals with a disability.  

RESERVE a room or technical services:

Conference, Reservations, and Event Services Office or Technical Services will help you find a room or equipment that will fit your programming needs.

Serving Food at your event:

Read the UNC Charlotte Food Service Policy #709, so you are aware of University procedures.  Chartwells is the University catering service for all of your campus events.  One of Chartwells' staff members will be able to assist you with the planning and presentation of your food and beverage needs.

Event Advertising


The digital sign located in the reception area of the Student Government and Organizations Complex (SGOC) is there for you!  Available and FREE to all registered student organizations.  Events or announcements must be of student interest or student-oriented in nature, and must be open to the public or a broad segment of the campus community. Download the Digital Signage Policy and learn how to take advantage of this advertising opportunity.

DIGITAL SIGNS in the Popp Martin Student Union:

Review Student Union Marketing Opportunities to get more information on all the advertising opportunities your organization has available throughout the Union.

BANNER in the Popp Martin Student Union Rotunda:

​Before you begin to make your banner, visit the Reservations office to reserve the banner space.  The space may not be available for the weeks you need you banner posted.

  1. Banners can be 3' x 5' or 3' x 10'
  2. Banners must be submitted to the Reservations office by Friday 5:00 PM
  3. Banners are hung for 2 weeks. 

Add your event(s) to the Campus Events CALENDAR:

The University website is a great way to reach the public on and off campus.  Submit your event(s) to the Campus Events website by visiting Campus Events.

STUDENT MEDIA has marketing options for your organization:

Visit Student Media to learn how to advertise in the Niner Times,, and Radio Free Charlotte.

How to distribute POSTERS AND FLYERS on campus:

Your group can hang posters and flyers throughout the University, but before you start, read UNC Charlotte Solicitation, Distribution of Materials, and Campus Displays Policy 601.9.  Almost every building on campus has a general posting board for you to advertise events.  You can also put flyers in the student organization mailboxes, which are located in the Student Government and Organizations Complex (SGOC) room 212 in the Popp Martin Student Union.