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Student Organizations Toolbox Series- New Webinar Format

Join us on WebEx for our Toolbox Series: Org2Org Edition in a brand new webinar format! 

What is that? Let’s break it down: 

The Toolbox Series is a set of workshops where we facilitate the development, skills and education that is necessary to run a successful student organization.

It’s Org2Org Edition, which means for each webinar we will feature a different student organization who will discuss the real-life tips and tricks they use within their group/club/organization/to achieve success. 

This semester Toolbox is exploring a webinar format. Tune in via website or by phone with the information below: 


Flyer for Marketing Your Organization Workshop

The workshop recording can be found at HERE.  


Flyer for Keeping Your Members Engaged

The workshop recording can be found at HERE


Flyer for Transitioning Back to Campus